Enabling a Smart Grid
through Energy Management
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The ENERGY-IQ project demonstrates how SME energy costs and carbon emissions can be reduced in the UK & Canada through the QEnergy™ platform.

What is the project about?

We explore the opportunities to manage your energy consumption, utilise flexibility services and reduce your carbon emissions and cost…


How does it work?

An outlined step-by-step process of how the project can determine the best energy plan for you…

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WHo can take part?

As long as you are not part of any flexible purchasing contract or have any large controllable assets…

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why get involved?

We provide you with full access to an innovative Energy Management Dashboard…

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I Want to take part?

We provide you with a checklist of what information you need to provide us with in order to take part…

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Carbon Jargon Made Easy

We know all the Carbon Jargon can be a little overwhelming at times and it’s easy to forget what means what, so we have put together simplified definitions of all the Carbon Jargon you need to know…

April 21, 2021
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Preparing for the Changes Starting in April 2021

The Traditional Energy System – The Triad System, is to be replaced with a fixed charged methodology starting this year! Read how this might be affecting your business…

March 26, 2021
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Effect of the Covid-19 response on energy demand

The immediate impact of COVID-19 on businesses has been profound and the medium to long term effects are unknown. For many organisations, their first priority is survival; with that achieved they are working out how to thrive in this new landscape, a landscape that offers opportunities to set a path towards achieving energy efficiency. Measures…

August 17, 2020
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